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  • Phyto Force – Burdock Tincture 50ml

    • People take burdock to increase urine flow, kill germs, reduce fever, and “purify” their blood.
    • It is also used to treat colds, cancer, anorexia nervosa, gastrointestinal (GI) complaints, joint pain (rheumatism), gout, bladder infections, complications of syphilis, and skin conditions including acne and psoriasis.
    • Simplicity at its best is what a tincture offers you.
    • Concentrated herbal extracts are achieved by different parts of the plant being soaked in ethanol in order to draw out the active ingredients of the herb.
    • Tinctures are fast acting as they are absorbed directly by mucous membranes.
    • It enters the blood stream thus bypassing the digestive tract and liver, making it easy for those who shy away from bulky, hard to swallow tablets.


    Suggested use: A few drops in water 2-3 times daily allows for optimal health benefits to be attained.