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  • Soil Organic Essential Oil Trio Inhale Set 3x 10ml


    Essential Oil Trio – Inhale Set 3x 10ml

    This stimulating and healing combination of Cedarwood, Easy Breathe Blend and Orange oil targets ailments related to colds and flu and respiratory issues.

    Fight off colds and flu with our Inhale set of essential oils. The sweet fruity scent of Orange can uplift the spirit, and boost energy levels. Cedarwood can offer some relief to stress, pain and inflammation. Easy Breathe is our hero colds and flu blend.


    Suggested use: Ward off your ailments by adding 2 drops of the oil to a steaming bowl of water and inhale. Or, add 5-12 drops to the diffuser. Create a chest rub by blending a combination of the oils with a carrier oil of choice.