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  • Rafaa Probiotic Drink 250ml


    Probiotic Drink

    Rafaa is a health drink like no other; a live probiotic blend formulated to give you natural energy and vitality. The beneficial bacteria in the Rafaa Probiotic Drink will balance your body’s pH levels, and fight off harmful bacteria, keeping your immune system strong. This specialised mix also contains organic fulvic acid and amino acids, which are essential for good health. Rafaa gets to work immediately after consumption, restoring the good bacteria in your gut to put back what daily stress takes out. This exceptional probiotic drink can even be used as a topical treatment, to soothe and heal skin problems.

    • 250ml
    • Live probiotic health drink (original, unflavoured)
    • Natural energy booster
    • For oral or topical use
    • Powerful antioxidant
    • Faster-acting than probiotic capsules
    • Registered by the medicinal board as a schedule C0 (complimentary) medicine

    Due to the chemicals used in so much of the food we ingest, it can be hard to keep beneficial bacteria levels in balance, even with a healthy diet. Rafaa is designed to help remedy this, by improving the beneficial organisms in your gut.

    This specialised health drink offers you so many benefits:

    • Strengthens immunity; helps to fight off ‘flu & infections
    • Helps to detox the body from heavy metals & impurities
    • Improves energy levels
    • Regulates your body’s pH balance
    • Treats skin problems like eczema
    • Promotes colon health & better digestion
    • Combats heartburn, cramps, stomach upsets & constipation
    • Helps to reduce cravings for processed sugar & carbs
    • Promotes better menstrual health for women



    Suggested use:

    Oral use: Rafaa can be taken once or twice daily. Dilute your Rafaa with water, ice tea or fruit juice if you wish to camouflage the taste.

    Topical use: Apply directly to wounds, infections, insect bites, acne or eczema. Apply 2-3 times a day, and leave to dry on skin.

    Please note: Rafaa Probiotic Drink is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


    Further information:


    Do not use Rafaa in conjunction with other medication, without consulting your healthcare practitioner. If you are on medication, wait 30 minutes between taking your medication and drinking Rafaa.

    When using Rafaa for the first time, it is possible to feel the effects of detoxing effects for the first few days. This could include mild headaches, nausea and muscle or joint aches as your body rids itself of unwanted toxins and chemicals.

    The detoxing process can dehydrate you. Always drink plenty of water when using a detoxing treatment topically or internally.




    Each 1ml of Rafaa contains:

    Probiotic microorganisms with 1.5 billion bacteria per 1ml compromising of: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifido-bacterium longum and Bacillus laterosporus.

    Rafaa also contains organic acids (amino, fulvic and Humic Acid) and is manufactured in a base of purified water.