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  • Metalab Iso-Bridge Whey Protein Isolate Cocoa Chocolate 900g


    Let us introduce you to ISO-BRIDGE, the crème de la crème of our protein lineup! This top-tier offering is the epitome of ultra-pure, premium protein goodness, boasting the purest whey protein isolate that’s chock-full of naturally occurring essential amino acids. ISO-BRIDGE plays nice with both water and milk, making it a solo superstar, but it’s also a team player in the world of baked goods and high-protein recipes. It’s like the James Bond of proteins – elegant, versatile, and always ready to save the day!

    • Pure
    • Real Whey Protein Isolate
    • Nothing else


    Suggested use: Did you know that our protein is safe to consume from ages 4 and up! Just check the label for recommended serving sizes for all ages!


    Further information:

    In addition to our cutting-edge whey protein isolate, ISO-BRIDGE welcomes a few other simple ingredients to the party: flavors, xanthan gum, sucralose, and the well-researched DigeZyme blend of digestive enzymes and lactase. Now, let’s shine a spotlight on the star of the show, DigeZyme® – it’s like the Avengers of enzymes with its amylase, lactase, cellulose, lipase, and protease super squad. Each of these heroes brings unique benefits to the body’s table.

    DigeZyme® comes to the rescue by reducing those pesky toxicity levels in your body, especially after indulging in challenging-to-digest foods or when your body’s playing hard to get with certain macro and micro molecules. It’s like a speedster for your digestion, ensuring you get all those nutrients in the snazziest form – amino acids. This superhero squad boosts protein synthesis, kicks cognitive performance up a notch, and fortifies your immune system.

    Now, put all these fantastic elements together, and you’ve got our premium BRIDGE protein – a magnificent concoction featuring only six top-notch ingredients. It’s pure, clean protein that’s like a treasure chest of benefits in every scoop, delivering maximum value and satisfaction!