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  • Nature Charm Young Green Jackfruit 300g


    Young Green Jackfruit

    Nature’s Charm Jackfruit in tins is the meat substitute par excellence. Despite being a fruit, it has a very fleshy structure and hardly any flavor of its own. This makes the jackfruit praised as an ideal natural meat substitute. You can give the jackfruit your own flavor and use it in your dish instead of real meat.

    • Vegan meat subsitute
    • Gluten free
    • Great texture suitable for every dish



  • Truefood Young Jackfruit in Brine 220g


    Truefood’s Young Jackfruit in brine is NON-GMO and perfect for Vegans. With its adaptable texture and neutral taste, jackfruit serves as an excellent plant-based meat substitute that is easy to prepare and flavourful.

    Used in a variety of dishes Jackfruit absorbs flavours well and makes for a delicious addition to curries, stews and soups. Further to being a fantastic pulled meat substitute jackfruit can also be used in sweet dishes this versatile fruit has gained popularity as a plant-based ingredient that can be eaten raw or cooked.