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  • Health Connection Wholefoods Agar Agar Powder Strict Vegetarian 50g


    Agar Agar Powder

    Health Connection Agar Agar Powder is a gelatine substitute derived from seaweed, and can be used in desserts, jellies, jams and custards. This magical sea vegetable derivative makes a superb jelly, and helps to set jams, cheesecake and the like. A great vegan alternative that has health benefits too, Agar Agar has similar health benefits to gelatine without the negative aspects. Health Connection Agar Agar Powder also has a gentle healing and cleansing effect on the digestive system.

    Serving and Usage suggestions: Use 1 teaspoon agar agar powder to set 1 cup liquid. Add powder to liquid, bring to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes, stirring well until dissolved. Leave to cool at room temperature or in the fridge.


    Agar agar.


  • Sally Ann Creed Gelatine Granules – 250g


    Gelatine Granules

    For broths, jellies and all round good health. Sally-Ann Creed’s gelatin is bovine in origin and of a superior quality.

    Gelatine is a cooked form of collagen; a protein that your body needs for healthy tissues. Sally Ann Creed Gelatine Granules are a source of pure protein, with no additives. As a supplement, gelatine helps your body to form collagen, repairing damaged cartilage, building muscle and beautifying your skin. Use it to make a nourishing bone broth, or add it to your morning smoothies.

    • Natural gelatine granules
    • Bovine-derived
    • No fillers, colours, flavours or sweeteners
    • 1Tbsp dried powdered gelatine has 23 calories & 6g protein

    Benefits of gelatine as a supplement:

    • Source of pure protein
    • Boosts collagen levels; reduces inflammation & repairs torn cartilage
    • Repairs connective tissue
    • Anti-inflammatory properties; high in amino acids
    • Improves skin texture; reduces wrinkles & cellulite
    • Helps to heal leaky gut symptoms
    • Prevents constipation
    • Restores the healthy mucosal lining of the stomach
    • Helps with heartburn & reflux
    • Helps to improve sleep
    • High in glycine; supports brain health & memory
    • Helps to build muscle
    • A great bulking aid for athletes

    Suggested use: This tasteless supplement can be added to smoothies, soups or bone broth. Follow the dosage instructions provided, or follow the directions of your healthcare practitioner.