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  • NeoGenesis Health Infinity Jellyfish Collagen 30g


    Neogenesis JellyFish Collagen Powder is a revolutionary new medical-grade supplement made from sustainably sourced jellyfish that ensures optimal mental performance.

    This anti-ageing collagen for brain and skin health is the first of its kind in South Africa.

    It contains powerful regenerative properties, 20 amino acids and neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory properties. Unlike other collagens, Jellyfish collagen triggers tissue regeneration that can combat and reverse the signs of ageing. It promotes healthy skin, hair, nails and mental and cognitive function. It also contributes to muscle growth, muscle repair and vision and sensory rejuvenation. This organic and highly absorbable powder is tasteless and can easily be incorporated into daily life by adding it to meals, coffee or your favourite beverage. We love that this collagen powder is sustainably sourced and free of gluten, GMOs, alum and pesticides.

    • Organic jellyfish collagen powder
    • Anti-ageing collagen for brain & skin
    • Biocompatible & highly absorbable
    • Type 0 collagen, rich in glutamate, glycine & tryptophan
    • Contains regenerative qualities & triggers tissue regeneration
    • Contains neuroprotective antioxidants & anti-inflammatory properties
    • Contains 20 essential & non-essential amino acids
    • May help to reverse ageing & aid cellular rejuvenation
    • Can help to combat mental & cognitive ageing
    • Promotes better cognitive function & memory
    • May help to combat beauty & skin ageing
    • Improves skin elasticity, hydration & smooths lines
    • Gives the skin a soft, supple appearance
    • Promotes vision & sensory rejuvenation
    • Tasteless, can be added to coffee or other beverages
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Non-GMO & non-irradiated
    • Alum & pesticide-free
    • Naturally free of TSE/BSE & gluten
    • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians


    Suggested use: Adults: Take approximately half a teaspoon (1 g/ 2.5mL) of the powder daily with meals or as directed by a practitioner.

    • Suitable to be added to coffee and other beverages.


    Further information:

    Ingredients: Jellyfish Collagen (S.Meleagris) 1g*. *Purified Collagen Peptides from sustainably sourced wild-caught cannonball jellyfish (S.Meleagris).