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  • Nature Fresh Junior Toothpaste Creamy Strawberry Flavour 75ml


    Junior Toothpaste Creamy Strawberry Flavour

    Aniseed helps ease griping, drooling and teething pains. All Oral Hygiene Products are non toxic, fluoride free and safe to swallow.

    It has no fluoride because fluoride harms gums and periodontal tissue, causing loose teeth, pain and infection. Fluoride is very toxic. Excessive exposure damages the thyroid gland, is linked to weight gain, cancer and weakened immunity. There is no shortage of fluoride in our diet. We get fluoride from water, tea, coffee and most of our foods.

    Suggested use:

    Brush teeth after breakfast and at bedtime. The product is not harmful if accidentally swallowed, but try to encourage kids to rinse out their mouth after brushing teeth.