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  • Soil Juniper Berry 10ml


    Juniper Berry – 10ml

    Juniper has a clear, refreshing and slightly woody fragrance. SOiL’s Juniper berry oil is steam distilled from the crushed berries of this shrub. Sometimes the oil is distilled from both the berry and twig but this affects the quality of the oil. Juniper berry is toning, diuretic and antiseptic, thus a useful detoxifying oil, benefiting the lymphatic system. Warming and calming, it is also recommended for nervous and intellectual fatigue.

    Ideal uses: Please conduct own research

    • No Animal Testing
    • No Parabens
    • No Petro-Chemicals
    • No Synthetic Colors
    • No Synthetic Fragrances


    Further information:

    Precautions: Juniper oil is contraindicated during pregnancy or in those with kidney disease.  Do not use if pregnant or if you have kidney disease.

    Fun Fact: Juniper played a major role in many contagious diseases and was used to guard against the plague by fifteenth and sixteenth century herbalists.