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  • Just Health Snooz Liposomal 100ml


    Proprietary blend of herbs traditionally used for anxiety and insomnia. May have a calming effect on children with ADHD.


    Suggested use:

    Infants and children below 5 years: 2.5ml before bed

    Older children and adults: 5ml before bed



    Further information:


    Extracts of passionflower, valerian root, chamomile and pepper.

    Liposomes 300mg

    Fulvic Acid 200mg

    Magnesium Glycinate: 13mg

    Stevia 0.005mg


    JUST Health South Africa focuses on healing – through diet, daily supplementation and a range of non-invasive therapies – nutritional counselling, SCIO (Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System) biofeedback and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

    Our ethos: The body can heal itself if given the right tools.  Our aim is to enhance toxin free living – an organic, preferably plant-based diet – eliminating/limiting pathogen exposure – managing the stresses in your life – clean water, clean air, clean food.