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  • Lifematrix MCT Powder Unflavoured 350g


    MCT Powder Unflavoured

    Lifematrix MCT Powder has all the benefits of medium chain fats (extracted from coconut and palm kernel oils) but without any oily taste or texture. It is instant keto-energy with one scoop providing 13g of MCTs.

    Benefits of  MCT powder:

    • Quickly converted into fuel & NOT stored as fat
    • Improves the body’s metabolism of fat; promotes weight loss
    • Easy to digest, promotes a feeling of satiety
    • Improves the metabolism & regulates the appetite
    • Improves the body’s absorption of nutrients
    • Supports the building of lean muscle mass
    • Improves the digestion
    • Boosts stamina & performance
    • Promotes liver & gallbladder health
    • An excellent alternative energy source to carbohydrates
    • Excellent nutritional support for athletes
    • Ideal for those following a Ketogenic (keto) eating plan
    • Beneficial for those following a Banting/Paleo eating plan

    Suggested use:

    Add two scoops to a glass and top up with water/milk, stirring briskly. Or add to a shake/smoothie.


    Powdered MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil, casein, glucose, emulsifier, Mixed Tocopherols

    Allergens: Casein (milk protein)