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  • Kindbrush Bite and Brush Toothpaste 60 Tablets


    Bite & Brush Toothpaste Tablets

    The first HYDROXYAPATITE toothpaste tablet in South Africa.
    Natural, yet scientific and completely plastic free.

    Hydroxyapatite is a form of calcium that makes up 97% of your tooth enamel and nearly 70% of the dentine of your teeth.

    – Strengthens Tooth Enamel
    – Treats & Prevents Sensitivity
    – Naturally Whitening
    – Microplastic and Plastic Tube Free
    – Fluoride Free
    – SLS & Sulphate Free
    – Cruelty Free & Vegan Friendly
    – Made in South Africa by an Dental Hygienist


    Suggested use: It’s as simple as 123

    1. Simply pop a tablet in your mouth, bite and chew
    2. Wet your toothbrush and brush for 2 minutes
    3. To get the maximum benefit simply spit, don’t rinse – Smile!