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  • Earthsap Air Freshner Citrus Valencia 150ml


    Air Freshener Citrus Valencia

    • Citrus scent
    • 100% Natural oils
    • No harmful chemicals


    Suggested use: Shake well and spray into air.

  • Earthsap Air Freshner Madagascar Vanilla Bean 150ml


    Air Freshener Madagascar Vanilla Bean

    • A beautifully scented air freshener spray for your home, 100% natural with a warm vanilla bean fragrance.

    The Earthsap Air Freshener is made from 100% natural oil which equals fewer allergies and contains no petrochemicals, no artificial dyes/ preservatives, no synthetic fragrances or sodium laureth sulphate.

    Suggested use: Shake well and spray into air.

    Further information:

    Ingredients: Water, Salt, vanilla bean extract Essential Oil


  • Earthsap Laundry Powder Lavender 2.2kg


    Laundry Powder Lavender

    Earthsap laundry powder is based on pure natural ingredients including natural earth mineral salts & 100% natural oils.

    Contains no chlorine or bleaches, no petroleum based chemicals, no optical brighteners, no artificial fragrances, no artificial preservatives, no dyes or EDTA, no animal or GM Ingredients, no testing on animals and is safe for septic tank use.


    Suggested use:

    Lightly soiled – Front loader use 150ml, Top loader use 150ml.
    Heavy soiled – Front loader use 250ml, Top loader use 250ml.


    Further information:

    Ingredients: Sodium carbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, essential Lavender oil.

  • Sally Ann Creed The Big Big Banting Loaf 285g


    This is a large “normal” sized loaf of bread and the closest you will get to a ‘real’ bread in taste and texture.

    It’s just like a wholewheat loaf, but of course has NO nasties and is 100% LCHF.

    Lasts well, toasts divinely and is perfect for sandwiches.