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  • Coyne Biomax Magnesium Complex – 30 Powder Sachets


    BioMax Magnesium Natural

    BioMax Magnesium Natural is the simplest way to get your daily magnesium dose with advanced liposomal delivery and no any added flavours. This health supplement features rapid delivery of essential magnesium, as well as long lasting delivery to ensure maximum benefit. Support your optimal muscle and nerve function and keep your bones strong with Coyne’s BioMax Magnesium.

    • Highly absorbable and bioavailable combination of magnesium citrate and liposomes
    • Delivers 250 mg of elemental magnesium per serving
    • 5000 mgs of gut friendly prebiotics per serving
    • Rapid uptake, and extended time release for maximum benefit
    • Free from GMOs, sugar, artificial additives, soya and gluten
    • Suitable for diabetics
    • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Natroceutics Vitamin C Capsules 30


    Vitamin C Capsules This formulation uses Quali C™ as the base (the market leader in Vitamin C) with added citrus bioflavonoids to create a synergistic and complete formulation. Cellg8™ technology is used which significantly increases systemic bioavailability. These high-quality materials improve gastro-intestinal tolerability and are easily digested. Vitamin C contributes to the normal functioning of…

  • NeoGenesis Health Lipo-C – 30 Capsules


    Lipo-C  Capsules

    Lipo-C contains liposomal vitamin C, plus a blend of superfood vitamin C extracts such as Camu Camu, Acerola Cherry, Rosehips, Blueberry (20:1), and Beta Glucans for superior immune support.

    Lipo-C utilises Zeal technology® to take the world’s most trusted supplement to a new level in terms of:

    • Up to 7X better absorption
    • Optimal absorption, retention and utilisation
    • Superior bio-efficacy, potency and bioavailability
    • Patent-pending technology
    • Most advanced fibre-reinforced phospholipid vehicle delivery system
    • Organic, natural vitamin C and bioflavonoid sources
    • Potent 20:1 Blueberry extract – the ultimate immune and anti-inflammaging berry
    • Enhanced with Beta Glucans for extra daily immune support

    Zeal Liposomal technology® produces liposomes with superior stability, uniformity and nano particle size as proven through electron microscopy. Further research has proven superior absorption and stability, confirming that it is not subject to oxidation, degradation or instability typically seen in liquid liposomes.



    Further information:

    Supplement facts: In terms of “dose equivalence” 1 capsule of Lipo-C would be comparable to 1050mg of regular vitamin C. However, when bio-availability is factored in, SIX capsules of regular vitamin C 1000mg would be needed to approach the efficacy of ONE 500mg Zeal liposomal vitamin C.

  • The Health Nut Immu Bomb GMO Free 100ml


    Immu Bomb GMO Free

    The Health Nut’s Flu Bomb has been renamed and is now called Immu-Bomb! This product is not only for times of flu. It is good for all round immune boosting!

    Immu-Bomb contains Liposomal Vitamin C, Sutherlandia Frutescens and Verbascum Thapsus, a powerful trio to naturally boost the immune system and eliminate pathogens.

    Please remove all packaging after delivery and keep refrigerated. .

  • The Health Nut Liposomal Zinc 100ml


    Liposomal Zinc

    Liposomal zinc with vitamin C is recommended for:

    • Immune System Support
    • Promotes DNA synthesis and cell division
    • Support fertilization and reproduction
    • Promotes Energy Without Caffeine
    • Provides Advanced Absorption


    Suggested use:  Adults: 2ml daily;  Children under 12 years: 1ml daily


    Further information:

    Keep Refrigerated

    This product has not been evaluated by the MCC. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.