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  • Willow Super Up Long Jack 12 Capsules


    Willow’s Super Up Long Jack capsules offer potent blend of herbal extracts, amino acid and Zinc to address impotence and low libido, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, male sexual debility.


    Suggested use: take 3 to 6 capsules 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.


    Further information:

    Each capsule contains:
    Deer Antler ext                         100mg
    Eurycoma Longjack ext             150mg
    L-arginine                               2650mg
    Oat straw ext 10:1                    100mg
    Prepared rehmannia root ext       50mg
    St.John’s Wort ext                     100mg
    Tribulus terrestris ext                100mg
    Zinc Gluconate                           50mg
    Other ingredients: Gelatine capsule


    Tongkat Ali (also known as Longjack), is an herbal supplement that comes from the roots of the green shrub tree Eurycoma longifolia, which is native to Southeast Asia.
    It’s used in traditional medicine in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other Asian countries to treat malaria, infections, fevers, male infertility, and erectile dysfunction.
    Tongkat ali contains flavonoids, alkaloids, and other compounds with powerful antioxidant properties.
    Tongkat ali is typically available in pills that contain an extract of the herb or as part of herbal drinks.