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  • GD Trial Bar Blueberry, Cashew and Sorghum 150g


    Trial Bar Blueberry, Cashew and Sorghum

    GD Trail Bars Blueberry, Cashew and Sorghum offers a delightful blend of flavours. The sweet and slightly tart essence of blueberries pairs wonderfully with the nutty richness of cashews. While the addition of sorghum provides a subtle earthy and slightly sweet taste.

    GD Trail bars are perfect for those on the go, sweetened with sustainably sourced honey and made with fruit and whole nuts,  added chicory root fibre is a prebiotic that is rich in soluble fibre that may assist with digestion.  GD Trail bars do not contain any GMO ingredients, they are Halaal Certified and suitable for Vegetarian diets.


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    ALMONDS (28%), honey (17%), chicory root fibre, CASHEW NUTS (17%), blueberries (12%), date syrup, sorghum(9%), raisins, coconut oil.

    Perfect for sporting events, as lunchbox treats, a quick breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up.