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  • Skoon. Mineral Matte 15ml


    Mineral Matte Balancing Serum

    Skin Types: Breakouts & T-shine

    This moisturiser is part of the exciting SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ range, a unique product repertoire that lets you mix your own bespoke formulations. Made for overactive oily skin, this light, balancing moisturiser has a non-greasy feel and effective blotting effect. The secret lies in the avocado extract that controls oil production, which synergistically works with other key active natural ingredients to treat oily, acne suffering skin. SKOON. Mineral Matte Balancing Fluid works to balance oil production, hydrate skin and control bumps and blemishes the natural way. ‘Make it Yours’ by adding your chosen SKOON. concentrate serum to this magical moisturiser.

    Light mattifying fluid with Buchu and Vitamin B5 for a non-greasy skin feel and slight blotting effect. Enriched with Zinc and Magnesium to rebalance and clarify overactive skin.

    • Blots the T-shine
    • Perfect for blemished, oily, overactive and combination skin prone to breakouts
    • Contains a French active derived from Avocado Pears, that controls oiliness – and very effectively too – with studies showing a 78% decrease in excess shine.
    • Mineral Matte has been formulated to balance sebum production in a gentle and natural way.
    • Contains revolutionary probiotic extracts – Research by the Human Microbiome Project has shown that the microbial balance on your skin has a key effect in anti-aging and skin health.
    • Bespoke skincare in the palm of your hand
    • Part of the SKOON. ‘Make it Yours’ product range

    You can have beautiful, polished, smooth skin even if it tends to naturally overproduce sebum by using this light, mineral enriched fluid that will balance your sebum production (no more excess cleansing necessary), hydrate skin and control bumps and blemishes the natural way.


    Suggested use / Directions:

    To control bumps and blemishes smooth balancing serum on affected areas, twice daily before moisturising. For oil-free T-zone apply on clean skin before moisturising, mornings only.