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  • Escentia Vitamin E Essential Oil 10ml


    Vitamin E Essential Oil

    Escentia Vitamin E is a completely natural product containing a minimum of 70% concentrate. It’s also a wonderful treatment for protecting your skin and helping it recover from environmental damage and scarring, helping to restore elasticity and softness.

    • Natural antioxidant
    • Natural treatment of premature aging of the skin
    • Stimulates skin elasticity and blood circulation
    • Helps treat scarring, stretch marks and wrinkles
    • Anti-inflammatory and helps calm and rehydrate sensitive skin
    • Can be used as a natural preservative because it prevents oils from going rancid


    Suggested use: Please conduct your own research

    • Because vitamin e oil is quite thick it’s best to apply it at night as you would a night cream
    • Massage on your cuticles
    • Use on your lips to prevent and soothe chapped skin
    • Use as a preservative in low concentrations in DIY cosmetics
    • Apply Vitamin E oil on any kind of scar, but before using on acne scar it’s best to check it doesn’t cause a fresh break out

    Usage: 0.5-2.5% final concentration for skin effects, 0.1-1.0% for stabilizing oils in products.


    Further information:


    This oil is not meant for internal consumption, only topical use


    About Standardised Essential Oils:

    Standardised essential oils are produced to achieve a standard scent, whereas a single species essential oil may vary in scent because it is an individual plant species that can naturally vary with season, rainfall, soil quality, geography and a variety of other factors. Standardising the scent by combining multiple species is a method of producing an oil that will always be similar in quality. Standardised oils can therefore be quite beneficial when scent reliability is required.
    Standardised essential oils are pure essential oils which have not been diluted, filled or altered in any way. The only differentiating factor between standardised essential oils and others is that multiple variations of plant species are distilled.

  • Faithful to Nature Mixed Nuts Raw Economy 300g


    Mixed Nuts Raw Economy

    Munch on these raw mixed nuts for a healthy, filling anytime snack. Faithful to Nature brings you a mix of almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews and macadamias, all with their own rich nutty flavours, textures & nutrients.

    • No additives, preservatives and added salt
    • Great antioxidant properties
    • High in plant-based protein
    • High in fibre & fatty acids
    • A tasty addition to granola, muesli & trail mixes
    • Suitable for vegans and strict vegetarians

    Faithful to Nature’s pantry range is packed in eco-friendly bags/boxes. Their 100% recyclable paper bags are made using elemental chlorine-free bleach, raw material from sustainably managed forests, and strictly vegetable-based inks.

    Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. After opening store in an airtight container.