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  • Similasan Eye Drops – Dry, Red Eye Relief 10ml



    Similasan’s Dry, Red Eye Relief sterile eye drops are specifically formulated to soothe, clear and moisturise dry, red and irritated eyes without artificial tears.

    This formula is suitable for long-term use and will not cause a rebound effect and safely addresses symptoms associated with dry eyes such as dryness, redness, sensation of grittiness, reflex watering secondary to dry eyes, and sensitivity to light. And, because Dry Red Eye Relief’s active ingredients are homeopathic and contain no vasoconstrictors, it’s safe to use as often as your symptoms occur with no risk of long term overuse.

    Dry Red Eye Relief gives your eyes the relief and comfort that they need so you can stay focused on what’s really important.

    Suggested use: For adults and children age 2 and over:

    Remove tamper-evident seal from neck of bottle twist cap off bottle DON’T squeeze bottle, squeeze plastic tip to release 2 to 3 drops into eye apply as needed replace cap after use.

    Adults and children over 2 years: One (1) to two (2) drops in the eye(s) as needed throughout the day or night. Squeeze the plastic dropper and administer the drops into the eyes. Avoid contact between tip of the dropper and eyeball.