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  • Bytjie Salf Go Go Mosquito Balm 50ml


    Go Go Mosquito Balm

    This all-natural product contains citronella and lemongrass which is an effective natural alternative for keeping mosquito’s away. This product is safe to use for the whole family. Apply frequently to exposed body parts.


  • SoyLites Peaceful Summer Travel Lite Citronella Lemongrass Lavender 55ml / 74g


    Peaceful Summer Travel Lite – Citronella Lemongrass Lavender

    Travel Lites are a favourite for any adventures on the move. With a 15-hour burn time, the 55ml Travel Lites provide an aromatic treat to enhance any space or room you might encounter during your travels. Of course, they are also great for burning in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house or office.

    Further information:
    The dual use of SoyLites products is one of the most sought after qualities. While on the one hand our candles burn beautifully and are environmentally friendly, the warm oil that forms around the wick when burning is full of Vitamin E and Lecithin and is an amazing moisturising and nourishing treatment for all skin conditions.