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  • Phytoceutics Reversatrol VegCap – 30


    Reversatrol™ is an ideal natural supplement for those seeking to bolster their overall health and longevity. It has broad potential to support numerous aspects of wellness, including heart health, inflammation, and age-related concerns. A natural polyphenol that acts as an antioxidant, protecting the body against oxidative stress which may cause disease, ageing and inflammation.

    • Reversatrol™ delivers potent antioxidants in a breakthrough formula for optimal health, ageing, and longevity.

    • Utilizing ResveraFen™ and Hybrid-FENUMAT™ technology, it achieves a tenfold increase in resveratrol absorption and bioavailability.

    • A once-daily, 100% natural supplement supporting healthy inflammation levels, cardiovascular benefits, and promoting global trends in longevity.



    Further information:

    Reversatrol™ is an innovative antioxidant supplement engineered for healthy ageing, balanced inflammation, and overall wellness. It addresses the challenge of low bioavailability in resveratrol supplementation, caused by the compound’s rapid metabolism.

    Reversatrol™ uses ResveraFen, a patented form of resveratrol, clinically proven to enhance bioavailability by over tenfold. This results in a sustained release and improved transport of the compound, making Reversatrol™ more effective than traditional supplements.

    The formulation also incorporates Hybrid-FENUMAT™ technology, pairing resveratrol with an oil for increased solubility and prebiotic fenugreek seeds to further improve bioavailability.

    Reversatrol™ is 100% natural, food-grade, and adheres to clean label standards. The single-dose design makes it an easy addition to your daily health regimen.

    Resveratrol, a polyphenol found in grapes, is known for its antioxidant properties, protective against diseases like heart disease, inflammation, and cancer, and promotes longevity. Reversatrol™ uses ResveraFen and proprietary Hybrid-FENUMAT™ technology to enhance bioavailability more than 10 times, making this supplement a powerful tool for health and wellness.

    Key benefits of this technology in Reversatrol™ include preventing resveratrol degradation, higher bioavailability, lower daily dose, retention of nutritional value, and preventing rejection of nutrients by the immune system.