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  • Inter Almond Whey Protein – Hazelnut 634g


    Inter-Almond optimises Immune Support, increases immunoglobulin, helps with protein synthesis, is diabetic friendly, cross fit, easily digestible, added vitamins, lactoferrin presence and faster recovery.

    We have scientifically formulated Inter Almond which consists of two very important proteins, namely: Native Whey which is naturally rich in essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the body, including 15% more Leucine than in the traditional Whey Protein isolate. The composition of our Almond Whey protein powder not only triggers muscle protein synthesis, but also builds muscle by utilising the key amino acids.


    Suggested use: Use as a dietary supplement. For a 19g protein serving: Mix 1 scoop (19g) of Inter-Almond into 150-200ml of mineral water. Mix in a shaker or blender for 30-40 seconds.

    • Take it first thing in the morning and before bedtime.
    • Whey-Almond can be used during the daytime if not taken in the morning or evening. Note the substitution of milk will add 6.4g protein and 0.6g leucine per single serving.