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  • Soil Organic Carrier Oil Rosehip 100ml


    Rosehip Carrier Oil

    Rose Hip oil is extracted from the seeds of the intense, red coloured fruits of the wild rose-bush, which is indigenous to parts of the Ukhlamba (Maluti/Drakensberg)) Highlands. This nourishing oil is known for its tissue regenerating properties and is ideal for dry and damaged skin due to its high vitamin A and essential fatty acid content. It is also used to treat scarring and to reduce wrinkles and signs of premature ageing, particularly as a result of sun damage.


    • High Vitamin A and essential fatty acid content regenerates the skin, restoring youthful appearance – making it ideal for dry and damaged skin
    • Reduces wrinkles and the signs of skin aging, particularly as a result of sun damage
    • Also highly recommended for for scar tissue or to prevent stretch marks
    • May also be used as a nourishing carrier oil for massage
    • Good for you – good for the environment too!
    • Certified organic and vegan friendly
    • Proudly made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!


    Suggested use: Apply directly to the face or affected area. Soil Organic Rosehip Oil may also be used as a carrier oil for massage due to its highly beneficial skin health giving properties.


    Soil Rosehip Oil is 100% natural and Certified Organic – because you don’t want to put any harsh petrochemicals, preservatives or chemical fragrance on YOUR skin, naturally!