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  • Nutriherb Papaya with Papain 60 Capsules

  • Nutrilife Bromelain And Papain 60 Capsules


    Bromelain And Papain

    Bromelain and Propain are natural proteolytic enzymes, which help in the digestion of protein, supporting proper gastrointestinal function and making these nutrients available for the body’s energy needs, cell growth and other functions required for optimal good health.


    Suggested use: Adults – One capsule two to three times daily, preferably with a meal or as recommended by your health care professional.



    People on blood thinning medication and anti-inflammatory medication should consult their Health Care professional before using. Pregnant women and children should consult their Health Care professional; before using.

    Allergens: Pineapple and Papaya


    Supplement facts:

    Bromelain (2400GDU/g from pineapple) 250mg

    Providing 600GDU (Gelatine digesting units)

    Papain (6000TU/mg from papaya( 250mg

    Providing 1500 000TU (Tyroosine Units)