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  • Biosil Black Salve Drawing Ointment 25ml


    Black Salve Drawing Ointment

    A drawing salve that can be applied to check if a suspicious *lump or *growth is toxic to the body or not. If it does not go to work drawing the toxic cells from the body, then all is well. When applied externally it will draw out any *diseased cells, and other *fungi. This amazing remedy works well, and is inexpensive and not toxic.

    Black Salve uses Mother Nature’s awesome healing herbs : Bloodroot, Galangal, Graviola and Chaparral  with Zinc Chloride added to get the herbs into the problem area. It causes reddening and perhaps short term itching and aching at the site where it is applied. Also contains DMSO for permeability.


    Suggested use: Black Salve is a powerful remedy so use only once every 3 days to start and then wean down to once a week. It is important to cover and protect the “scab” that forms, from being bumped or damaged before the healing is complete.

    Excellent for spider bites: It will cause inflammation so please take an anti-inflammatory as well as something for pain.  The area around will swell up while poison is being drawn out.  The good news is all the venom is drawn out.


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