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  • Nutrilife Proanthocyanidin Antioxidant Complex 60 Tablets


    Proanthocyanidin Antioxidant Complex

    Nutritionally beneficial for slowing the aging effects of free radicals and maintaining a healthy immune system.


    Suggested use:

    Adults – One to two tablets daily

    Children over 12 – One tablet daily or as recommended by your health care professional.


    Further information:


    People on blood thinning medications (for eg: warfin) and anti-inflammatory medicine should consult their health care professional before using.


    Active ingredients:

    Grape seed 95% Proanthocyanidin 125mg


    Beta carotene 10% 5mg

    Providing Vitamin A activity 1665iu

    Vitamin C ascorbic acid 65mg

    Vitamin E 50% 15mg

    Providing Vitamin E 7.5mg


    Zinc AAC 20% 20mg

    Providing elemental Zinc 4mg

    Copper AAC 10% 1mg

    Providing elemental copper 100ug

    Selenium AAC 2% 500ug

    Providing elemental Selenium 10ug

    Other Nutrients:

    Bioperine 2mg