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  • Kitchen Garden Brassica Radish Daikon Red Sango Seeds 50g


    Brassica Radish Daikon Red Sango Seeds

    Radish Sprouting Seeds have an outstanding reputation for being nutritional powerhouses. These seeds can be used as a spice all on their own, and when sprouted, they’re a fast-growing microgreen with a delicious peppery flavor. Organic Radish microgreens loaded with nutrients and antioxidants, particularly with Vitamin C. If used as a spice, grind the seeds with mortar and pestle first. The oil in the seeds is rich with essential minerals and has a rich, spicy flavor.

    • Add 3-4Tbsp of your dry seeds to a clean sprouting jar; enough to lightly cover the bottom of an upright jar.
    • Cover the sprouting jar with the mesh screen & secure it with a rubber band.
    • Cover your dry seeds with 2-4cm water & soak for 6-8 hours or overnight.
    • Drain & rinse in fresh water, swirling gently while draining to disperse the seeds across the surface of the sprouting jar. Place the jar at an angle on your sprouting stand.
    • Keep your sprouting jar in natural light but never in direct sunlight. Rinse your seeds 2-3 times a day in cool water. The water should be rinsed clear.
    • Harvest within 2-3 days of the “tails” and/or greenery appearing from the seeds.
    • Drain the sprouts well & leave 2-4 hours to dry on your sprouting stand, before transferring to an airtight, covered storage container.
    • Enjoy your sprouts in 3-7 days; keep them refrigerated in an airtight container. Start sprouting new seeds every 2- 3 days for a continuous, fresh supply.

    Please Note: This product consists of the sprouting seeds only; sprouting jars & stand are not included. You will need a full standard sprouting kit to grow your seeds.