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  • Nature Fresh Deo Buster Sport Deodorant + Skin Doctor 75ml


    Deo Buster Sport Deodorant + Skin Doctor

    Aluminium-free Deo-buster Sport is a gentle skin friendly cream with nature-based antiseptics, odour absorbers, astringents and skin nutrients. It is suitable for underarm, feet and groin areas. It is also beneficial for chafing, rashes, sunburn, ulcerous lesions, bed sores and other personal issues people often have, but never talk about.

    Tests performed conclude that zinc ricinolate, the active ingredient works for over 24 hours – with or without a shower in between. The oil-based zinc ricinolate latches onto ammonia – the carrier of odours from perspiration, urine, faeces, etc. and traps it. This is why it is produced in a cream base and not a roll-on or spray format. It is not perfumed and is not an “odour – cover up”. Deo Buster also has an antibacterial action, provided by the zinc oxide and colloidal silver.


  • Nature Fresh First Aid Therapy Balm 75ml


    First Aid Therapy Balm

    A herbal combination to assist the simultaneous treatment of bruises, cuts, rashes, stings, grazes, ulcers and fungal infections.

    Ouch! Kiss the bump better and apply First Aid balm to help ease pain and facilitate healing. It can be applied directly into an open cut or wound after the cleansing.

  • Nature Fresh Skin Therapy Gel Aloe 75ml


    Skin Therapy Gel Aloe

    A soothing and toning gel for very sensitive, inflamed and problem skins. Use as a daily reviver before and after shaving, sun and wind exposure or applying make-up. Also great for itchy, flaky patches, ingrown hairs, burns, stings  and nappy rashes.

    Skin Therapy Aloe Gel contains herbal extracts to help improve moisture retention and elasticity, to reduce wrinkling and inflammation.  Active ingredients include rooibos tea, aloe ferox gel and leaf extract, MSM (methylsulphonylmethane), bucchu, wild sage and pure camphor.