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  • Vibrant Health Super Natural Boron 60 Capsules


    Super Natural Boron

    Boron has been found to play a key role in the regulation of hormonal vitamin D and testosterone. Super Natural Boron comes from calcium fructoborate, a form bioidentical to that found in plants. Calcium fructoborate is natural, safe, and highly bioavailable.

    • Calcium fructoborate is a clinically backed trademarked ingredient that is bioidentical to plants
    • Helps support bone and joint health
    • Supports integrity of connective tissue
    • Supports in balancing hormone levels
    • Organic broccoli powder has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber
    • Resists the breakdown of collagen
    • May help postmenopausal women deficient in vitamin D-3 by increasing hormonal D-3, testosterone, estradiol and DHEA
    • Can assist with easing arthritic pains
    • Libido enhancement: particularly benefits testosterone levels and may raise testosterone levels as much as 50% in men who are deficient (over a time frame of 60 days)

    Studies have found that the average western diet provides 1 milligram of Boron per day for healthy joints and bones, whereas the daily requirement is 3 to 6 mgs. We lose more calcium in our urine than we absorb, and Boron helps us retain and utilize calcium.

    Suggested use: As a dietary supplement , take 2-4 capsules daily, in divided doses, for maximum benefit or as a recommended dosage.

    If you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, breast feeding, taking any prescription medications or have a medical condition, consult your physician or healthcare professional before taking this product.