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  • Sally Ann Creed Calm Capsules – 30 Capsules


    Calm Capsules

    CALM is a natural alternative to medication for coping with health issues. By reducing stress and improving sleep quality it may aid decision-making and improve mood, which influence behaviour. Stress affects people physically, mentally, emotionally and behaviourally. Left unmanaged, it can lead to disease or worsen pre-existing conditions. CALM offers  relief from stress-related symptoms, sleep disorders and anxiety.

    Benefits of Calm Capsules:

    • Decreases stress and anxiety
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Decreases symptoms of burnout
    • Promotes cognitive health and healthy cortisol levels
    • Helps with blood pressure control

    Suggested use:  Take one capsule at night. Do not exceed the recommended dosage


    Further information:

    Calm capsules contains LACTIUM®, the active ingredient, is not addictive, even at a high dosage. This unique milk extract contains a natural bioactive protein with relaxing properties.

    This product is halal and kosher friendly