respiratory support

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  • NeoGenesis Tiger’s Milk Mushroom Extract 60 Capsules


    Tiger’s Milk Mushroom Extract

    Tiger Milk Mushroom consists of anti-inflammatory properties that support our body to reduce inflammation of their airways and relax the airway muscle to ease breathing. It’s possible to strengthen respiratory systems & improve asthma symptoms naturally with Tiger Milk Mushroom.

  • Soil Essential Oil Blend Shield 10ml


    Essential Oil Blend – Shield

    This blend boasts a combination of essential oils recognised for their antifungal, antimicrobial, respiratory support, and immune boosting properties. Just one drop packs a punch to keep unwanted germs and bacteria at bay in the home, air, and body.


    Suggested use: Cleanse the space in your home by diffusing 6-12 drops in your ultrasonic diffuser or add to your natural home cleaning products. Keep the festive times happy and healthy by spreading the scent of Shield.