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  • Sally Ann Creed 63 Days To Optimum Health Book


    This book is truly written from the heart – I have personal experience of how the body can change and in a round about way, this is ‘my story’. I am passionate beyond words about what I will share with you in this book.

    Around 25 years ago, I was very sick, virtually bed-ridden for a few years in my early 30’s, and taking 17 prescription drugs. My mother had died at the age of 39 from a heart attack with chronic asthma, and I had spent most of my life sick with asthma, panic disorder, sinus problems (13 operations), allergies, been in dozens of hospitals, and taken mountains of scripted drugs for my illnesses – I really felt as though I had no hope.

    Fortunately for me, I discovered a holistic medical doctor, Dr Robbie Simons, who led me back to health in a very short time. I believe God alone is our Healer but He uses people – in my case He used Dr Robbie Simons to lead me back to health through food, supplements and lifestyle changes. That’s my long story in a small nutshell. My ‘transformational healing’ through this amazing change in lifestyle led me to want to study proper nutrition – today I am still in excellent health and a qualified Functional Clinical Nutritionist – and I have never looked back.

    This book will give you a holistic perspective on health from what goes into your mouth to what goes onto your body, to what you can do practically from a lifestyle standpoint to change your state of health as much as humanly possible for the better. Even the changing of how you think and the emotional side is important for many people. So I’ll take you through a 9 week period of gradual change until you are eating and living in a manner that will increase both your ‘health span’ as well as your lifespan. Remember I’ve been there, I’ve lived it – this is not just theory.

  • Sally Ann Creed Delicious Low Carb Recipe Book


    This book will help you transition effortlessly to a LCHF diet, complete with simple recipes for the entire family from drinks to finger foods, soups, snacks, puddings, main courses, pizza and burgers.  There’s something for everyone here – and it’s all low carb and delicious.

    Available in English and Afrikaans