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  • Lifematrix Mct Oil Sachet 15ml

  • Revive Daily Electrolytes Sachet 6.2g Apple


    Proper hydration is not just about water. It’s water plus electrolytes. Most health conscious people don’t get enough. This is especially true if you’re physically active.

    REVIVE is scientifically formulated to give you all the electrolytes you need with none of the things you don’t. REVIVE will help you feel better, function better and perform better.

    Each sachet has the right amount of sodium, potassium and magnesium, whether you’re following a healthy diet, doing intermittent fasting or exercising.


    Both your body and brain need electrolytes. Reduction in concentration and cognitive ability is an early sign of dehydration.

    Drinking REVIVE will improve your mental and physical performance and your overall well-being. You’ll get:

    • Improved energy and focus
    • Less fatigue
    • Fewer headaches
    • Reduced muscle cramps
    • Better muscle performance
    • Improved nerve function


    Suggested use: Mix sachet powder with 750ml water. Shake or stir well until contents dissolve. Add more water to dilute taste or use less water for a stronger taste. Add ice for an extra refreshing chill.


    Further information:


    REVIVE contains no chemicals, colouring, fillers or artificial ingredients. The main electrolyte ingredients are sodium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium malate.

    Sodium citrate and calcium carbonate (also electrolytes) are used to soften the tartness of the salts. We use a high-quality, natural, spray-dried flavour for the great taste and aroma.

    Stevia balances the saltiness. It is one of the few natural, non-caloric, non-glycemic sweeteners. It has no effect on blood sugar or insulin. Stevia doesn’t have a lingering after-taste, and because stevia is exceptionally sweet, a tiny amount is used.

    The final ingredient is citric acid, necessary to ensure freshness and preserve quality.



    NOT RECOMMENDED: Not recommended if you have hypertension, kidney disease or take diuretic medication. Check with your healthcare professional if you have an existing medical condition or take medication. This product does not treat any medical condition or deficiency.